Holly Abraham // Landslide

Another artist continuing the little Welsh theme this afternoon is singer/songwriter Holly Abraham. This talented young artist caught our attention with her pop/folk ballad Landslide which was released this weekend.

I used to listen to a lot of Of Monsters and Men a couple of years ago. I absolutely adored Nanna Hilmarsdóttir’s lead vocals throughout their tunes. I certainly feel Holly has modeled her singing voice on the talented Icelandic artist to an extent. The tone is quite similar and for me, I really like it. Landslide is a nice little number. There are sneaky little elements of the dreaded trap hi hat (my pet hate) to be heard at points but thankfully the don’t become too pronounced.

Three singles in and Holly Abraham has been elevated to the tip of our watch list already. I am really hoping to catch (or book) her at a gig sometime in the near future in London! Check out the emotive and chill new single below.

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