Introducing Brighton Based Singer ‘HEIGHTS’

Brighton Music Scene

This is pure class from start to finish. She is yet another powerful export of Brighton based music. Singer/songwriter HEIGHTS introduces herself to the world with a slick debut single here. Let Me Show You is so simple and so effective. This girl has absolute diamond vocals. As debut singles go, this is right up there. Savage!

She is a stalwart on the scene down in Brighton and is part of the impressive Macaq Collective who are doing big bits. Her debut album is in the pipeline with some big industry names helping her out behind the scenes. There is a beautiful innocence to this track. Her style is pretty stylish and this single has classy visuals to go with it.

Subtle bass-notes, mellow synths and lush words. Whats not to like about HEIGHTS?

We would love to have her up in London in the new year for a Sound Sniffer Session @ The Fox. I am excited about this one, she is the business. I’m always mega impressed with the quality of most Brighton based music, it seems like a top place. Check out SOTO too.

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