Introducing London Band ‘Flood For The Famine’.

Alex Lindner has put loads of effort into this latest release under the musical alias of Flood For The Famine. This talented Londoner has struck a chord in me with his latest single Waiting To Happen. His songwriting ability is right up there and the pensive tone here is chilling. There is so much emotion rocking around here in this piano led ballad. I love hearing songs like these, they are against the grain, they are so real. Lindner is a captivating musician.

I cannot put my finger on another artist that holds this kind of eerie sound. Listening to Waiting To Happen brings me into a really unique shoe-gazing mood, it’s dark, brooding and totally worth it. In a world of nondescript commercial babble and beats dominating the radio airways, getting lost in a dimly lit track like this is great. It’s haunting and hits those rainy moods perfectly.

A big push has been made in this one and the video also commands respect. Lindner is a truly creative artist. I look forward to seeing his live show soon – word has it that his five piece live act is well worth throwing a curious ear at. Check out Flood For The Famine below.

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