Introducing ‘Might Be Crimson’ and Their Subtle Folk

Swedish duo Might Be Crimson became a thing this year and their mellow folk-y style has evoked a feeling of content happiness. Their style reminds me a lot of fellow Swede The Tallest Man On Earth and that is definitely a good thing. Wavering is a sweet little number.

This song fell on our lap a couple of weeks ago and we instantly were captivated by it’s simple beauty. Guitars, vocals and harmonies, that is all it’s comprised of, yet, it has a real power to it. The instrumentation of the guitar’s is top quality thorughout. These guys know how to create a mood.

Music like this brings me back to the days I used to vegetate to the relaxing, melancholic sounds of The Paper Kites and Bowerbirds. Nice riffs, nice vocals and solid folk grooves.

This is a track worthy of your time.

Check out Wavering Below.

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