Indie Music From Mongolia: Magnolian // Caroline

There is always a first for everything. Drum roll….. This our first ever feature of a Mongolian artist (about time) on The Sound Sniffer. Dulguun Bayasgalan is the man responsible for the infectious indie vibes of Magnolian. I cannot name any other Mongolian Indie singer/songwriters off the top of my head and I’m very excited to bring you this wholly catchy single from this enigmatic musician. Caroline is a good one.

Back in 2015, Bayasgalan played a set at the biggest music festival titled ‘Playtime’ in Mongolia. The funny thing about this gig was that he was the only solo act at the whole festival. His uniquely lonesome performances were a first for the crowds and he quickly became a star in his homeland amongst music fans. Swiftly after playing at Playtime, he released his debut single ‘Someday’ featuring vocals from his girlfriend Enkhjin Batjargal. Since, he has gone from strength to strength, with his releases hitting huge numbers on Spotify in his native country.

The beautiful duet ‘The Bride & The Bachelor’ became the most streamed Mongolian song ever on Spotify. Unreal.

He has just signed with Anti-Fragile Records and now sets his sights on worldwide exposure. What a story.

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