BisonBison // Expanding


Brad Weber is a key figure in the music making of Caribou – he also plies his trade solo under the alias of Pick A Piper. We featured his supreme single Fragments a couple of months ago and have been loving nearly everything he has touched in recent times. He is back again on our watchlist, this time alongside his talented friends Dani Ramez, Chad Skinner, SinĂ©ad Bermingham and Sophia Alexandra. Together they form BisonBison.

The enchanting and atmospheric track Expanding was released a couple of weeks ago and it is dreamy. These guys are really making some lovely sounds over there in Toronto. I get so many Bonobo feels off this one. Smooth vocals are the key here and I just can’t get enough.

Check out the wonderful Expanding below and throw an eye at the video too, it’s class. We love BisonBison

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