STROM // Last Try

Our first tune to share of 2020 comes from the alternative project of 27 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist STROM. The Stockholm based musician summons his inner Jai Paul & Ben Khan to comprise his latest single Last Try.

About eight years ago I came across the incredible sound of Rayners Lane resident Jai Paul‘s debut single. I was utterly in awe of the glitch-y, synth-y style of his tracks. He basically created a new genre all on his own and I fell completely in love with it. As he disappeared into oblivion and quit music shortly after, I quickly tuned to the sounds of Ben Khan to get my fix of Synth/pop/R&B fusion. Khan’s music was heavily based on Paul’s eclectic style and did the same job. These two artists became my ultimate favourites for years on end. The reason I am harping on about Paul and Khan is that this new tune from STROM has tickled me in the same way. Last Try is the surprise I have been looking for over the weekend.

I have been waiting for the perfect tune to inspire me back into writing again after a full month away over the Christmas. It was a much needed break away from listening and critiquing as 2019 proved to be a superb breakout year for the blog. We managed to bash out over four hundred reviews and listened and provided feedback to over four thousand ( yes, thousand) submissions. It’s nice to be back. This rasping tune from STROM has gotton me firmy back in the mood and excited for what 2020 has to bring.

This is a beast of a tune. Powerful!!!!!

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