‘Freddie Losambe’ And ‘Saw’ Are My Picks Of The Day.

I just recently got turfed out of a forum on Facebook for looking for new underground music straight off the production line. The admin obviously took umbrage to my methods and gave me the shove. I’m delighted with my work, I unearthed two absolute gems from the hopeful treasure hunt last night. The method is simple, rummage madly through Facebook forums and hope that someone sends in a gem. I have managed to find around ten of my top fifty artists over the last year using this pretty effective method. I thrive on finding the most hidden new musicians, as you know. Using the power of the internet and these wonderful forums I find music so raw that I nearly wobble with excitement. This is a cut above the feeling of hearing a gem via SubmitHub and other similar submission sites. I feel like I have personally worked for these ones when they happen.

Anyways, last night the admin removed me from my favourite page, the eejet, but before he gave me the big dump – I managed to find two superb new underground acts! Both are from the US and operate in the Hip Hop / RnB sphere. The first is rapper Freddie Losambe who took me by surprise with the quality of his flow. The second find last night was producer Saw who similarly blew my mind with his wildly large sound. Check both out below.

Freddie Losambe // Be Together

Hailing from South Burlington, VT – Freddie Losambe is one of them guys who just religiously churns out music for fun. If you look and scroll through his back catalog you will find rock tracks, electronic tracks, folk tracks and rap songs. He has been trying to hit the mark with anything he can and what stands out the most is the fact that he actually makes a great fist of all genres. He is a very talented musician and last night he sent me his new rap song from his latest EP 90c.

It only took me around five or six seconds to realise I had unearthed a really nice new one. His opening track was ‘Be Together‘ and I was blown away by the chilled beat-work and the NAS-like flow. I’m no expert of rap music but I certainly know when a tune is good. ‘Be Together’ is good, he combines elements of rap with a touch of American punk music with the chorus ripping around like a Blink 182 vibe going on. This is a surprisingly well constructed mix.

I took in the rest of the album and was really impressed with his poetic lyricism and seamless ability to perform the piece with his own style stamped on it. A really nice listen. I hope you enjoy.

Saw // Convalescence

Glitch heavy producer Saw passed over a tune late last night too. He linked a track called ‘convalescence‘ from his latest EP ‘Infections‘ to me. I wasn’t expecting a huge amount of usable content to come at me but was stopped in my tracks by the sheer power of this one.

I am a self confessed hater of all things hi hat these days – to the extent that I always send over the same response to anyone who submits me a tune that includes them. You can expect to read, ‘Sorry we don’t do trap hi hats in any form, best of luck with it’, straight away. There have been around two exceptions to the rule thus far, make that three now.

Convalescence is a bass heavy, room dismantling, powerful ear blaster. This is the type of tune you would hear in the basement of a rugged abandoned warehouse gathering, played by a disturbed lunatic behind the decks. It’s brilliant! I can only imagine the feeling of hearing this one through properly suited speakers.

A good one – definitely NSFW.

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