Houis x Blush’ko // Pretend Goodbye

Something a little bit different for me to be posting here from New York based French producer Houis and Australian vocalist Blush’ko. The pair have teamed up together and the result is this really pleasant and low tempo release Pretend Goodbye. The single is ripped from Houis’ upcoming debut EP which is due to be released on Blanket Fort this spring.

Pretend Goodbye blends in Blush’ko‘s languid vocals nicely with simple, LoFi and mellow beat-work. I respect the artistry of both musicians here and think they have done a stellar job on both the lyrics and production end of things respectively. This one works – it just works brilliantly. Fair play lads. A really enjoyable and laid back listen.

Have a little listen below.

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Blush’ko’s Website:

Words from Kevin!

I’ve just realized that I have been doing The Sound Sniffer for a whole year now. What a lovely year it’s been – I always grew up listening to, reading and obsessing over music blogs and never thought I would actually get to be on the other side of one ever. When I was a pup I listened to BIRP FM religiously and take great pride in standing alongside Josh Bialock now as a member of the SubmitHub community. Over the last couple of years, I managed to wrangle together a lifestyle that gave me enough time to commit to this project. I’m loving it and I’m glad some of you are reading.

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