New Releases From ‘Felix Dreiser’ and ‘FLOCKS’ Hit The Experimental Mark

Two songs that I’ve been quite obsessed with this week come from the experimental, instrumental and cosmic side of the spectrum. German composer Felix Dreiser got his dreamy vibes absolutely spot on with new single ‘A Hand Full Of Colors‘. I managed to zen myself to sleep to this track twice this week already – magical.

American three piece FLOCKS also come to us with a pretty experimental and well thought out single. Their latest creative track titled ‘Luna‘ – gives me Whiplash flashbacks. The drums are so strangely enchanting that I instantly imagine it to be a track from the famous drumming movie soundtrack.

Both tunes are put up here for Experimental Jazz fans.

Felix Dreiser // A Hand Full Of Colors

This single is so well composed in my opinion. It is delicate and non-intrusive with lovely layering throughout. Felix has a really unique style that I find very relaxing. The off-beat, almost trippy drum patterns, the dreamy guitar glitching and the fluttering arpeggios work beautifully in unison. I will drop some words from Felix himself below to give you an insight into what he himself is trying to achieve.

A Hand Full of Colors is the image that came to my mind during the process of writing and recording the song. I just felt like I was throwing various colors on top of each other with my bare hands. This resulted in a state of flow for writing this song that I’ve never experienced before and I would be very happy if this song somewhat inspired people to get into this state of mind as well, in any creative way possible.

The guitar work on this song is probably the thing I would call ‘my sound’. It is a very delicate and detailed work with open tuning and harmonics (overtones), which is not the ordinary way of playing the guitar I guess.

This fella is highly talented and I’m delighted I stumbled across him this week. This single follows up his debut offering ‘Tima‘ and is well worth a listen. Chilled.


FLOCKS is a three piece based in Cincinnati, Ohio, made up of members Tom Buckley (Drums, Samples), Josh Jessen (Synths, Keyboard) and Stephan Patota (bass, guitar). Two days ago they released their latest single ‘Luna’ and I have been very intrigued by it to say the least. These lads are a very well respected live outfit amidst the bustling Cincinnati over the last few years and this new single is just what the doctor ordered.

I was over in The Netherlands in January for the amazing Eurosonic Festival. It was my second time there and what makes the two day festival so special is the varied nature of the line up. I managed to catch Danish band ‘Athletic Progression‘ play a set on the opening night. Their Trippy Jazz style absolutely blew me away. The drummer was doing mental stuff! What a guy. I therefore had my ears opened to this kind of music for the first time.

Carrying on from this new found love for experimental Jazz – I have found FLOCKS – who seem to be operating on the same high level as the Danish outfit. The curious shifts in tempo and beat distorts are very engaging from the lads on this one.

Check out Luna below.

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