Monophonics // Chances

Photo by Emily Sevin ( supplied by Green Gab PR)

Today I had the pleasure of sitting inside the house all day as Storm Ciara absolutely battered down outside. The storm dismantled a lot of loose items in the garden including knocking one of our marquees to the ground. It certainly wasn’t a day to be out and about so I nestled in with a handful of teabags and listened to music for the day. It was a lovely relaxing day that culminated in me coming across the wonderful music of Monophonics.

I was sent this single by Green Gab PR with absolutely no information accompanying it. Just a song sitting there on it’s own – this is how I like it. No rubbish-y bio, no big blurbs about how their previous single made it to number 456 on Hype Machine. I listened to the track with an open mind. By god, what a bloody track this is.

Chances is one of them songs that you think you’ve heard before on first listen. The sound these lads are creating is like 70’s funk and has a charming vintage feel to it. This is top notch retro soul – when I close my eyes I’m transported back to 1973 as I’m listening to this. Sweet and silky.

The perfect song to accompany a day of pottering around the house during a storm. I’m not sure if that’s a genre but it certainly is now. Quality stuff from Monophonics!

Check out Nathaniel Rateliff’s new single here:

The band’s website:

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