Crate Digging : My Top Finds #2 / Electronic

Turn off the radio and tune in to our Top underground tunes of the week.

Here we are showcasing five of the stand-out electronic releases we have discovered this week. There is a huge dearth of talent floating about in the world of music at the moment and we have decided to group them together today and let you all hear what we are hearing on a daily basis. Forget the radio for a few minutes and take in our certified fresh finds from the electronic world this week.

This week we have music from Kicktracks / Mellowdine / Humans / Godford / Disfansol

Kicktracks & Medeia / Dive in the Water

One of my favourite duo’s are back with another installment of their trademark chilled and melancholic gold. Dive in the Water fuses the clever and intricate beat work of Russian producer Kicktracks and the wholesome, lush vocals of Medeia. I featured their wonderful single Draw My Soul back in June last year and have been a huge admirer of his beats ever since.

This new one is as slick as they come – this is a track that you must close your eyes to. I have been counting down the days until I could post this one and finally it is here. Enjoy it!


Humans / Noose

I remember sitting in my lounge last week, I opened up the inbox and was greeted with this absolute rascal of a tune. I put it into my personal playlist straight away and have been dancing around to it in London all week. This is one of them instant ear-worms that don’t come around too often. The house styled kick, the catchy bass hook and those smooth lyrics – all work perfectly to make this a special listen.

Canada is where this track originates and Humans are the genius duo responsible. The pair consisting of Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade founded the alias in 2010 and have been churning out real quality ever since. The song ‘Noose‘ dropped in 2018 on their album ‘Going Late‘. The lads have just this week released the official video for the track.


It stars Kadeem Johnson.

Godford / Can’t Get Over You

French producer Godford takes influence from the likes of Four Tet, Moby, Underworld and Frank Ocean. This Parisian producer is making lovely fusion dance music, using his many influences to form his own unique, flowing sound. Can’t Get Over You is a really interesting piece that took hold immediately. The use of subtle vocal snippets and the effective insertion of just enough bleeps make this single worth a listen.

Check this one out – I like it a ton.

Mellowdine / Apart

London based producer Mellowdine has just released his latest single ‘Apart‘ today. I hadn’t come into contact with this fella until now and I’m very glad I have now. Apart is a bass heavy progressive growler in the mold of Kiasmos in it’s electronic style. I have been a massive fan of this kind of music ever since listening to the best part of 24 hours of Kiasmos – Looped, looped, while stoned back when I was 17 years old. I haven’t touched the green blaze since then but have held this form of electronic music close to the heart. I get Kiasmos flashbacks off this new one from Mellowdine.

Apart is five minutes of sheer class. I look forward to hearing more from this wholly talented producer. Enjoy this.

Disfansol / Nightway

Something a little more risky here to end the list this week from Croatian producer Disfansol. This Nightway track that has just surfaced today is absolutely heavy as feck – ’tis a song to accompany a long motorway drive at 3am. Rolling and rolling with acidic tones and a booming bass-line. This track is angry and intense with shades of Kolsch about the synth lines in the mid section. I would certainly pump this one out if I was playing a set at one of the electronic festivals this summer. This song demands respect. It’s as mad as they come and I love that.

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