Best New Female Voices in London ; The Sound Sniffer’s Picks – February.

As storm Dennis rages across the wonderful city we call home here in London – I sit and write up a little list for you all yet again. This evening, I will focus on four superb female artists that are on the rise in the capital at the minute. All four have really pensive and mysterious names – all four are producing top quality sounds of late. Boil the kettle, stick on your more comfortable attire and put the feet up – these women have the vibes covered.

Introducing: Otta / AGAMA / MYRY / HOL


Her picture seems to be upside down but I think that’s the way it’s meant to be. South London songwriter Otta came to my attention recently upon the release of her debut EP after it all blew over a couple of weeks ago. It was released via BOKKLE, which is a label headed by the influential Kwes (a great artist in his own right). That’s cool. As soon as I sniffed out the Kwes connection I knew that Otta was on the right road.

Her style is a languid blend of jazzy stuff and electronic bleeps. Her vocal is really pure and tickles around the experimental beats nicely. Small Hours is my personal favourite track off the EP – it’s subtle and charming. It sounds like Northern Irish singer SOAK crossed with a bitta Mac Demarco. It’s pretty unique and thought-provoking. A fine track.

I managed to head over to Dalston to see her EP launch @ SET on Wednesday. It was a short but sweet introduction to her brand. She filled out the small venue which was good to see and played a few tunes. She is being managed by ATC Management which gives her a solid platform of contacts to further this little project onwards. She has that edgy appeal they love.

MYRY / Ghosts

The debut single from London based singer MYRY really captured my attention. I was on the search for some new finds this afternoon – it was lashing rain out and the wind was blustering around like a mad thing. Today was a day for sitting indoors with a nice brew and a few pensive tunes in accompaniment. I reached out to Facebook for something a little different today as SubmitHub was getting a little too boring this week for some reason. I was sent this wonderful song by MYRY – I was instantly captivated.

This is a simple piano track but it’s clear that she has a voice people will remember. The vocal tone she possesses is quite lovely. Having recently graduated medical school, she has just become a fully qualified doctor and is doing the music on the side. Respect.

MYRY is certainly one to watch in London from now on.

HOL / Seasons

Another new face on the London scene is HOL. She was born in Kefalonia, Greece and lived her early live between the UK and Greece. She will be releasing her debut album later this year and the single, Seasons, is ripped from that. She has garners support from the likes of BBC Intro and Radio X so far and is hoping that 2020 will be the breakout.

Her style is pop oriented for sure but has just enough intrigue surrounding it to float my boat. Check this one out.

AGAMA / Safe In Noise

Something a little bit more experimental and unusual here from AGAMA. Combining soulful elements with jazz infusions, we are treated to a unique experience when taking in AGAMA’s debut EP. We come across lots of horns blowing around, drum patterns that are manic and a husky voice that brings it all together. This is quite an individual sound from Cassandra Gurling.

She was born and raised in Birmingham but now resides in London. Her music is glitch-y and almost psychedelic in nature but also hangs onto a contemporary style. Safe in Noise closes out with a really dramatic crescendo that tickles my fancy. A really stylish new female artist indeed, she has a big future.

Check out this lovely live performance below:

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