Crate Digging : My Top Finds #3 – Indie

Turn off the radio and tune in to our Top underground tunes of the week.

Here we are showcasing five of the stand-out Indie releases we have discovered this week. There is a huge dearth of talent floating about in the world of music at the moment and we have decided to group them together today and let you all hear what we are hearing on a daily basis. Forget the radio for a few minutes and take in our certified fresh finds from the independent world this week.

This week we have music from So So Sun / Pet Puma / Blake Anthony Robson / Kid Jupiter / Monophonics

So So Sun / Paradise

So So Sun are a powerful outfit hailing from South East England that are busy making atmospheric and electric Indie. The band was solely comprised of Christopher Robin Davy and Freddy Armstrong until it became a five piece recently. Their sound is really vibrant and summer ready from the get go on their single ‘Paradise‘. I stumbled across the band yesterday on my travels surfing the web on that horrible gloomy Saturday we had. Their perky and uplifting sound really settled me down and got me excited for the summer somehow.

The band are fairly active on the live circuit in and around London so if you like their sound, please check one of their gigs out. They play the Underbelly Hoxton on the 25th of March alongside a lovely curated line up presented by Hot Vox. It’s a midweek show so I will hope to be there myself, so pop by for a chat and a beer.


Pet Puma / Spaceship

I was dumbfounded by the class I heard when listening to the debut single from Pet Puma last night. This may be the first single from this new chirpy band but, by god, it is groovy as hell. Spaceship is Indie at it’s best in my humble opinion – funky guitar riffs, bouncy bass-lines and quirky high pitched vocals. This five piece consist of five wandering nomads who have been bound together by their fond love of music. Their professions range from professional stunt-woman, retired Instagram influencer and a couple of keen songwriters. They are an eclectic bunch.

Spaceship is a jumpy little tune that is guaranteed to etch a wide smile across the listeners face. It’s as bouncy as they come – a solid start for this new up and coming band from London.

Kid Jupiter / Rothko

Another superb London five piece here in the form of Kid Jupiter. The band is fronted by Laurence Morgan, a man who is well known on the London scene these days. He has fronted a couple of other well respected bands such as Solskjaer and Luxo Jr over the years. He is now making tunes with his latest band Kid Jupiter and I love the sounds they are churning out. I have singled out their single Rothko for special mention.

Rothko is a well constructed track the begins with a simple bass line muttering alone. The kick drum joins with a couple of plucky guitar notes, followed by Morgan’s unique choral vocal that ripples around mysteriously. The track goes through a few peaks and dips before taking pop turn with the uplifting Little Comets styled chorus coming in. We end up with some solid electronic chords and that’s that. This is a quality thing.

My account of the song above is ridiculous but if you listen you will appreciate the composition. It’s linked below for your perusal.

Blake Anthony Robson / Video Shame

This is something a little more left-field compared to my usual music of choice. Blake Anthony Robson‘s weird and wonderful electronic piece Video Shame deserves lots of respect. This is not your standard sound bite, Robson uses bizarre synths and claps to accompany his heavily mechanical voice through this stupendously unique track. This is one of them songs that is very close to bordering on the head scratching side of things – but it isn’t, this is quite genius.

The distorted synths ripple around madly yet somehow just work perfectly. This is a new blend for my ears, it’s a blend I’ll be tasting more of.


Monophonics / It’s Only Us

Come on now! How the hell are the Monophonics so good?

I featured their recent single chances about a week ago and thought no more about it. They have just followed that single up with another melter of a tune. It’s only us could well be my top release of 2020 at the end of the year.

This is funk, throwback funky soul funk that would have been enjoyed back in the 60’s. We are being blessed with it now and should be grateful.


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