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Elina Jones

This evening, we feature some rock steady grooves coming out of Lyon, France from Elina Jones & The Fireflies. Having just released their debut EP titled, ‘Where We Go‘, Jones is one of the rising stars on the French circuit. I took in the album last week for the first time and have given it a couple of spins since. Jones’s vocal ability is stand out immediately. The band garner their influence from rock oriented bands such as Alabama Shakes and The Suffers, to name just two. I can certainly understand the Alabama Shakes connection. ‘The Fireflies are energetic, soulful and highly accomplished. I am content right now, I’m sitting comfortably in a bar in Watford, taking the album in on my headphones and sipping away an industrial coffee machine brew. The place is filling up around me but Elina and the band are holding my full attention.

The EP is an impressive first offering. It starts out with the wholly impressive title track. The opener boasts a brilliant, bouncy bass line and sets the tone early on. The tempo slows and softer tracks like ‘I Wanna Be‘ and ‘Virtual Love‘ take us on a melancholic journey. The gospel style harmonies of ‘I Wanna Be‘ stand out enough to deserve a special mention. As the EP drifts towards it’s finale, we are treated to the wonderful ‘Through The Rain‘ to finish. This is my favourite track of the debut collection.

Through The Rain:

The delightful ‘Through The Rain‘ reminds me of a duo called ‘Bad Flamingo‘ that I’ve been almost obsessed with of late. I featured a song called ‘Open The Gates‘ by the aforementioned duo recently and I would perch this one right up with it. Whatever category this blend is , I’m a huge fan. The song opens with a plucky bass line, intermittent wild west guitar strums and a hard hitting slap of percussion. Elina’s voice ripples amidst a flurry of delightful harmonies and we are treated to a stellar sonic experience. I love a good rambling song review, this is the epitome of one. This is a song full of soul and intrigue – just the way I like it.

I expect big things from Elina Jones & The Fireflies – The music is pure!

They headline La Commune, Lyon on the 5th of March.

*Big shout out to ‘Rock Steady’ Eddie Simpson for pushing this my way*

Check out Elina’s website here for more information: https://elinajones.com/elina-jones-the-fireflies/

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