Find Of The Week: J.FUR / Las Ramblas (Album)

San Diego native Jordan Furlong (J.FUR) finally drops his debut album. Five long years went into assembling this collection. It’s clear that sweat and tears went have been shed along the way. Discovering albums like this rising out of the blue is why The Sound Sniffer will be staying around for the foreseeable.

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J.FUR / Las Ramblas (Album)


Jordan Furlong (J.Fur) is the man behind this lovely, intense album. The San Diego resident has been patiently constructing the contents of his debut album for the last five years in his bedroom. The album is titled ‘Las Ramblas‘ and is low-key one of the finest collections of sound I’ve found in a long time. The soundscapes that Furlong musters up on this record are absolutely phenomenal.

The album opens with a pinging synth piece titled ‘Watertanks‘ that pierces through beautifully. I’m not one for ambient noise at all but my fecking god, this is a classy classy opening piece. We roll along through W.K.O.S.I.T.? and the arpeggio heavy Shady Trails and land nicely at the feet of Traverse. This is one of them experimental Gold Panda styled tracks that I adore. The skill level of J.Fur is just ridiculous.

The Pulse and Anzuma are a little bit more commercially orientated so I naturally passed by without too much fuss. The next track ‘A Long Way From Home‘ brings us back to that wonderfully dark and ambient zone and we are then graced with some break-beats and glitches in the wholly powerful ‘El Cielo Estrellado’ – what a festival tune!!!!

My favourite track: ‘Whale Planet Death Fall’

The tenth and final track titled ‘Whale Planet Death Fall‘. closes out this really impressive debut release. This was the song I was sent initially that put me in touch with the album. It’s the album’s stand-out song in my opinion. The intense structure is not dissimilar to something Nicolas Jaar used to put out. The brooding room-filling bass, the ambient whooshing and the glittering synths – this is a top tune. What an album sir. I’m glad you spent those five years making it.

Make sure to listen to the whole album on Spotify if you can!

Check out some more electronic tracks here:

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