Crate Digging / My Top Finds #4 – ELECTRONIC

My favourite part of the week is assembling my deepest and darkest picks for the electronic crate dig. I gather all of my the songs carefully and sit and wait patiently until I have enough gold unearthed to pad out a solid list. I have gotten to the point where I’m ready for it again.

Tonight I feature new music from: Indigos paradise / Dauwd / Claude VonStroke / Apostrophic / Laurence Guy

Indigos Paradise / Arlene

Only Brian himself can explain the picture above, Christ. Indigos Paradise is the brainchild of an eighteen year old producer named Brian. He has just released a new single called Arlene which I found quite cool. The single is filled with droning synths, a muffled kick and plenty of other interesting little variables. His style kind of reminds me of GRANT. This is a decent tune to start off this week’s list. Have a listen below.

Apostrophic / I Am Your Friend

Colin O’Hearn is a Canadian producer who is making some pretty nice grooves at the minute. He dons a nice Irish sounding name so I became a fan before even hearing a tune. His latest single ‘I Am Your Friend’ fell onto my lap recently and was always going to be a shoe in for this week’s collection. He garners his inspiration from the likes of Four Tet and Burial so obviously his sound is right up my alley. Check out the bouncy single below.

Dauwd / Idris

I like Dauwd, he has been on my radar for years, ever since I heard with ridiculously good track Ikopol in my raver days. I stumbled upon some new Dauwd by chance yesterday on the oul Spotify. He has a new EP out titled ‘Psssh 001‘. It’s bloody fantastic. The stand-out song I have chosen to display is the highly funky ‘Idris‘. It’s high energy and addictive! What a rascal.

Laurence Guy / Untitled Needs

Ah yes, another artist that is firmly held in high regard here at Sniffer. I have featured Laurence Guy a couple of times in the early days of the blog. He is one of them producers that just hits everything the nail on the head every single time. One of his first singles, ‘I Saw You For The First Time’ goes down as one of my favourite jazz house tracks of all time, no joke. He is back again with another classic. His latest EP titled ‘Sun Is Warm and Directly Above You‘ is out now and features yet another jazzy treat – Untitled Needs is pure bliss. Laurence, you are a mini genius!

Claude VonStroke / Session A

Claude VonStroke has seen it all in the music game. He is a label head, a brand CEO and most importantly, a great producer. He comes to us today with a heavy and brooding track called Session A. The track was sent to me by Shelly at Dirty Bird. As soon as I saw it came from the label themselves I decided I’d share it up. I really appreciate the opportunity of getting first ears on tracks from such highly respected labels. Claude represents the likes of Eats Everything, Catz n Dogz and Shadow Child. He has been around the block. Session A is a booming track too.

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