Crate Digging / My Top Finds #5 – INDIE

It’s been a hectic week so far and it’s only bloody Tuesday. I managed to completely lose the plot on Saturday. I found myself with a ticket for the Liverpool versus Watford football game and witnessed one of the funniest ninety minutes ever. I will admit, I had a few too many brews afterwards and lost a few days of my existence as I recovered slowly. My Indie list has been delayed and it’s only now enough strength has been mustered to share it with you all. Tonight we feature four absolutely fantastic tracks for your perusal.

Featuring IORA / Rahm Squad / Vandalye / B.Hamilton

B.Hamilton / North San Juan

I was always going to start this week crate dig with the absolutely infectious sound of Oakland’s, B.Hamilton. The band is fronted by the impressive Ryan Parks. I stumbled upon this song a couple of weeks ago, North San Juan, is a track ripped from Hamilton’s fourth studio album titled ‘Nothing and Nowhere‘.

As I listened to the album through – an itching question kept coming to the front of my thoughts – why the feck haven’t people been getting behind this album? I’m not bullshitting, I’m not even an avid avid indie rock fan and I have been listening to this band repeatedly this week, as if my life depended on it.

If you like North San Juan, take a trip back to the second studio album and lap up ‘As Stupid As The Sun‘.

Vandalye / Break In The Willow

Something a little bit softer from a band consisting of two identical twins, both were professional tennis players and another bloke. Brothers Thomas and Lucas McCone are joined by Scott Attew to form this UAE based, British trio, Vandalye.

Their soft and mellow folk stuff has been going down a treat in the Middle East in recent years. They have opened for a plethora of world names like Elton John, Lionel Richie and Stereophonics. I just found them through listening to their latest single ‘Break In The Willow‘. It’s a lovely little tune.

They recorded their debut album out in Hamburg back in 2018. It’s called ‘Cigarettes & Minarets‘. They’ve just released it this year.

Rahm Squad / Sunshine

I don’t know much about the band here but I am absolutely loving the feel of this track. Sunshine is the latest single from Rahm Squad, an American band based in Asheville that have just come onto my radar recently. I was walking down to the shops a few minutes ago, bopping to this one. He has a great voice, the bass line is super and those horns are fire. This has everything you need in a solid track. It’s a keeper – saved straight into my playlist.

I have been on a heavy jazz rock bonanza in recent weeks so this one came into the inbox at the right time.

Check this one out.

IORA / Ghost Boy

Some vibes straight out of the same bag as ‘Of Monsters And Men‘ here from Manchester based electro pop singer IORA. I loved the Icelandic band back a few years ago so this one really floats my boat. Ghost Boy is a chirpy and vibrant track from this wholly talented songwriter. She is a rising star on the scene at the moment having played gigs at London’s Roundhouse and Southbank Centre.

It will be interesting to observe her rise through the ranks in the coming months. She has already graced the airwaves of the BBC and Amazing Radio. This could well be the real breakout year of IORA. Watch this space, listen to Ghost Boy below.

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