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A good mate of mine, Niamh Downes (Neev), has just released her latest single titled ‘Tunnel Vision‘. If you have been following this blog over the last little while you will see a couple of articles associated with this talented, hard-working Scottish songwriter. I had the privilege of hosting her and her singing partner Frankie Morrow for my Sound Sniffer Session back in January. It was there I heard this beautiful new track and I’ve had to wait patiently until it was finally released last week to throw it up on the site.

Last year I featured Neev’s debut single ‘Burning To Dust‘. I was taken aback by her style – her music just hit the right buttons. She has since followed up with another single ‘Across The Glass‘ and now the impressive ‘Tunnel Vision‘. I think this one is her best work to date. The subtlety of the vocal when it occasionally drifts into fleeting moments of higher pitch is the defining feature. The atmospheric strings also come across beautifully in the mid/latter stages.

Not only is Neev blessed with a great songwriting talent, she has formed a mini community of musicians in London. She is often seen performing in bars and venues with the aforementioned Frankie Morrow but also fellow musicians Dan Caleb, Samuel Nicholson and Louis Phillips. (to name a few) They are a tight knit group and just the type of musical network the city is crying out for.

Check out her gigs:

If you wish to catch Neev performing live, take a look at her Facebook page. She works hard and is always out and about performing her beautiful sets. I hope you all enjoy Tunnel Vision as much as I have. Stellar.

In case you missed it – I did an interview with Alex Hudson last week: Read it here:

Another interview is coming soon, featuring Brighton based three piece SOTO.

Check out Neev’s website:

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