50 New Songs to Get You Through Quarantine (Part 2)

Well folks, corona virus is actually here. There’s no more sugar coating it, we will soon be following the Italians and enduring a couple of weeks at home. If music is your thing, we have compiled a nice list of tunes to get you through the boring times ahead. Stay safe all and keep those sneezes to yourself. We will be sharing fifty songs we have featured on Sniffer lately that will ease the mood. We will be fine, good music will help.

Here are second 10 – Updated daily.

Monophonics / It’s Only Us

The perfect song to accompany a day of pottering around the house during a virus. I’m not sure if that’s a genre but it certainly is now. Quality stuff from Monophonics! It’s Only Us is a keeper.

Wugo / Océan

A song sent to me by one of my favourite French labels (Echo Orange). I have throw up numerous features of Wugo’s stablemates Inigo Montoya over the last year. Wugo has just released Océan – it’s class.

Soto / Shogun

SOTO are a new up and coming Jazz trio coming out of the woodwork down in Brighton at the moment. The three of them are housemates and all are in their final month of medical school. God knows how they fit in time for both music and medicine but they are making a great go of it. They have just released their debut EP titled Shogun very recently and are busy gigging between London and Brighton.

Safe As Houses / Lucky Lucky

One of my favourite songs at this moment in time still, they even have a nice wee bit of violin thrown in for good measure. Lucky Lucky is a really top drawer track that has been on repeat here in my venue over here in London since I got it sent over by the band’s representative a few months ago.

Callum Pitt / L.Lane

We have featured Callum Pitt on the Sniffer before, with his single ‘Slow My Heart Rate Down’ making a lasting impression on us. Pitt raises the tempo up a few BPM with his latest single L.Lane which has been released this afternoon. I’m blessed to have caught him live at Paper Dress Vintage a while back.

Lian Ray / Mateo

A track I’ve been listening to for months and months. French singer Lian Ray hit the nail on the head with this super single. It is on my permanent shuffle.

Nilufer Yanya / Heat Rises

This young Londoner is well regarded on the music scene over here in the UK. She made it into the BBC’s longlist for Sound of 2018 and her 2017 tour was an absolute hit. Yanya, who is of Turkish descent, has all the traits any budding music star needs – shes likable, young and has a swagger.

Kimchii / Free Mind

Uplifting disco stuff coming out of Stockholm – Kim Soderlund is the man behind this one. I’m loving his style – Bouncy!! Free mind will get you going.

Ishmael Ensemble / Lapwing

Rarely you come across an instrumental piece that delivers a punch as big as this one does from Bristol’s Ishmael Ensemble! I stumbled across this beauty a year ago and have been keeping it to myself really. As soon as I heard the initial kicks I was into this, by the time the brooding bass came in, the song was saved in my playlists! Smooth as silk here!

XOA / Way West

No better way to finish today’s list than to share an absolute gem from Londoner Nick Tyson AKA ‘XOA‘. His solo project skirts along the edges of Afro-beat, funk and House music combined and this new release titled ‘Way West‘ is a complete ear-worm from the outset.

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