50 New Songs to Get You Through Quarantine (Part 3)

Well folks, corona virus is actually here. There’s no more sugar coating it, we will soon be following the Italians and enduring a couple of weeks at home. If music is your thing, we have compiled a nice list of tunes to get you through the boring times ahead. Stay safe all and keep those sneezes to yourself. We will be sharing fifty songs we have featured on Sniffer lately that will ease the mood. We will be fine, good music will help.

Here is our third 10 – Updated daily.

Benedict / Finish The Wine

This is absolute quality from Dutch artist BenedictFinish The Wine is a song thing of beauty. Like a mix of The National and Beirut. Out of 7000 songs sent to us over the year this was a stand-out. It is just THAT good.

Sun Shy Boy / Color of Home

Amsterdam based Sun Shy Boy with a really relaxing piece of music here. Lovely melodic lyrics and smooth harmonies. Addicted to it! Some of these slower songs tend to pass by me on the first listen – I realize their draw a little later on second and third listens. This is absolutely tops.

Quinn Christopherson / Raedeen

How is this kid not famous yet. I know all the words of Raedeen and sing with it once every month at least. Powerful lyricist. This is one of my all time favourite shoe gaze track. It’s as dark as anything and so fucking moving.

TOMPAUL / Diamond Dust

This reminds me of the modern Nicolas Jaar style of stuff. TOMPAUL with a brooding journey here. I really have grown to love this song this week! Class. Electronic indie fusion at it’s very very best! Nothing but slick vibes here.

David Kitt / Hammer Time

David Kitt is a modern Irish treasure. ‘Hammer Time’ just caught a hold. The Irishman has just made a beauty. Chilled: atmospheric: just simply lovely! Hats off Mr Kitt! The perfect song to close a festival out. This would take the sting out of a wasp! Smooth.

B. Hamilton / As Stupid As The Sun

Can a man put more emotion into a song, I think not. B.Hamilton are CRIMINALLY under-listened to. This song is one it’s own level of awesome. Turn up the volume and do it justice!!!!

Shaku / Running With My Baby

Saw these lads down in Camden a couple of weeks ago. Probably the best live band in the UK! I’m not joking! They blew me all away on the middle of a bill there that night and had the whole place screaming for an encore. I even bought a t-shirt and the full album. Deserved.

Dominic Wolf / 4 A.M

We hope to have Dominic playing at one of our next showcases. He is a superb whimsical and LoFi songwriter. I love what he is doing – I look forward to jotting him into the calendar. Languid.

Andrew Marica / I Just Wanna Go

The song is very reminiscent of another artist, one of my all time favourite artists to be precise, Jose Gonzalez. I grew up listening to the Argentinian/Swedish song-maker over the years and this release from Marica tickles my folk-y fancy. The vocals here are very Gonzalez-like which is a brilliant thing. I have absolutely fallen for this song.

GOLDEN / Sunburn

Smooth vocals are the watchword for New York based bedroom songwriter Bailey aka GOLDEN. Her bedroom studio in Brooklyn is where she has been camped this year as she works on her debut mix tape that will be surfaced last June. 

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