50 New Songs to Get You Through Quarantine (Part 4)

Well folks, corona virus is actually here. There’s no more sugar coating it, we will soon be following the Italians and enduring a couple of weeks at home. If music is your thing, we have compiled a nice list of tunes to get you through the boring times ahead. Stay safe all and keep those sneezes to yourself. We will be sharing fifty songs we have featured on Sniffer lately that will ease the mood. We will be fine, good music will help.

Here is our fourth 10 – Updated daily.

Samba De La Muerte / Enough Is Enough

The band sound like a mix between the experimental twang of Mount Kimbie crossed with the raw funk vocal sound of Jungle or Parcels. They have stepped on a lovely little unique niche here with latest single Enough is Enough. A solid single.

Bad Flamingo / The House Is On Fire

Some Tuesday afternoon mood music from American duo Bad Flamingo. If I was curating the songs to fit into the sequel of Django Unchained, ‘The House is on Fire’ would be an absolute shoe-in for the soundtrack. This is a simply class track with a slight wild west tinge elevating it to higher heights than a standard run of the mill track.

Simen Mitlid / Reality Tsars

Oh Yes. Norwegian singer/songwriter Simen Mitlid has just made one of them timeless folk ballads. Reality Tsars is like my perfect little tune to be honest. Sounding like a cross between the folk-y style of The Paper Kites and with the high pitched vocal sound of Patrick Watson, this fella has a sound to be cherished.

Rahm Squad / Sunshine

 I was walking down to the shops a few minutes ago, bopping to this one. He has a great voice, the bass line is super and those horns are fire. This has everything you need in a solid track. It’s a keeper – saved straight into my playlist.

I have been on a heavy jazz rock bonanza in recent weeks so this one came into the inbox at the right time.

Laurence Guy / Untitled Needs

Ah yes, another artist that is firmly held in high regard here at Sniffer. I have featured Laurence Guy a couple of times in the early days of the blog. He is one of them producers that just hits everything the nail on the head every single time. One of his first singles, ‘I Saw You For The First Time’ goes down as one of my favourite jazz house tracks of all time, no joke. He is back again with another classic. His latest EP titled ‘Sun Is Warm and Directly Above You‘ is out now and features yet another jazzy treat – Untitled Needs is pure bliss. Laurence, you are a mini genius!

Klyne / Water Flow

A real delight of a find this one from Dutch duo ‘Klyne’. This track is taken from their debut self titled album released on Because Music. This is one hell of a production here in ‘Water Flow’. Subtle synths – rolling bass beat – non intrusive vocals. The chap can sure hit his high notes. A nice little tune to eat lunch to. This song really stands out from the rest on this impressive debut pop album. Check it.

LANKS / Stronger Than

This man is my favorite pop style artist for the last few years. I generally get excited when I see a new LANKS release posted, the lad is a maverick. ‘Stronger Than’ has his trademark purposeful piano chords coupled with his lovely vocals and I’m sold. Throw a little distortion in the mix and a harmony or two and it’s a keeper. This almost sounds like a mix on Bon Ivers new hip electronic voice and James Vincent McMorrows falsetto – ‘Stronger Than’ is a very IN sound. Check out his new EP Inoue now.

Madeleine Peyroux / We Might As Well Dance

American Jazz vocalist Madeleine Peyroux has been on the go for the greater part of 25 years touring and honing her craft. With a smooth chilled voice she captured the hearts of many on her musical journey. Her latest release ‘We might as well dance’ is just jaw-dropping in its simplicity and beauty – a real gem of a tune reminiscent of a certain Van Morrison ‘Crazy Love’.

Helado Negro / Fastasma Vaga

I heard Helado Negro’s ‘Please Don’t Wait’ when it was pre-released back in November 2018 and thought it was fairly decent but ultimately scrolled on without taking to much further notice. Fast forward a couple of months and I’m sitting here listening to the same song in disbelief that I didn’t fire it up here back then. Helado Negro is a very peculiar artist hailing from Florida via Ecuadorian heritage, he is based nowadays in Brooklyn and is producing some great experimental electronic dream beats.

Gadget and The Cloud / Keep You

Cork native Kelly Doherty released her debut eight song album titled ‘Songs for Sad People to Dance To’ last year and we are loving it. I have to admit, I have only come across her stuff this week. I have been listening through her back catalog and am wholly impressed. I have slept on this, now I will be sleeping with it from now on.

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