Best of British Indie – Crate Digging #06

As we sit in our homes, searching for something to pass the time during this weird time for the planet – five new British Indie tunes tickle my fancy as I scoff on a healthy diet of Jaffa Cakes and Yakult. I have rounded up the very best I could for this one.
Featuring music from: TTRRUUCES / Arliston / Neverman / Billy Nomates / Tim Mellins and the Ten Percenters

Billy Nomates / No

I was never going to start anywhere else. Billy Nomates is one of those artists that just stops you in your tracks. I heard her debut single ‘No’ last week and sent it around to like ten of my contacts who respect good music on messenger. This is one of those captivating weird artists that has the ability to intrigue! Nomates is new on the scene but will be really prominent in the UK Indie scene once this fecking virus blows over.

I watched her debut live performance in some record shop in Bristol – so strange and elegant. One of a kind.

TTRRUUCES / Sensations of Cool

Ah yes, the image above is of someone dripping wet glittering tarmac from both nostrils – Very normal. TTRRUUCES are a pretty savage band in all honesty, their latest single ‘Sensations of Cool‘ hit the nail on the head. This band throw wild parties down in factories in East London sometimes – they are legends. The music is also pretty slick. This is their new one.

Neverman / Picasso Dream

I think this is the first time I’ve featured an artist/band from Portsmouth on The Sound Sniffer – a historic moment. Pompy four-piece Neverman came to my attention via the Lost in the Manor label last week and I pretty much loved their style straight away. These guys have a similar sound to a band I used to listen to a lot back when I was in school called ‘Planet Parade‘ . They were an Irish outfit that showed up on the Dublin live circuit quite a bit back then. Neverman’s other single ‘Ibiza 98‘ is reminiscent of them to a tee. They disbanded sadly and the point I’m trying to make is that I am glad I’ve found another band to fill the void. Picasso Dream is the new one.

Arliston / South

Three guys sitting on a couch in a field – a typically artistic shot of a band. It’s amazing the lengths band go to create their edgy look. I like this one actually, don’t get me wrong. Arliston are a trio consisting of George Hasbury, Jordi Bosch and Jack Radcliffe who are making some really melancholic indie sounds down in East London.

South is quite a downbeat track vocally but there is some real beauty in there. The simple, dreamy guitar plucking and the subtle electronic elements really give this song an edge. This is slower in pace than the rest but it’s equally as impressive.

Tim Mellins and the Ten Percenters / Burning Another

Tim Mellins hails from Hull – his collective hail from a combination of Hull and York. He means business and his debut single ‘Burning another’ has just been released today! It features horns and a whole bunch of other soulful little tidbits. This is a whopper debut – I’d love to have the band up in London for a showcase sometime after Coronavirus leaves! This is great.


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