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New Music This Week

Another Friday has come around and I suppose it’s about time we chimed in with our release selections of the day. It’s been a really fruitful day of releases for me personally as many of my favourite artists have put new work out this morning.

This week we have music from Nick Mulvey, Genevieve Stokes, Local Natives, Hutch and a golden oldie from Wise Blood.

Nick Mulvey / Begin Again

Nick Mulvey has been making chilled out folk tunes for a good few years now. I’ve been well on board since Fever To The Form was released alongside The House Of Saint Give Me back in 2014. They were both worthy of being considered in the top 50 tunes of the last decade! He has followed it up with absolute gems like 2018’s semi-instrumental Dancing For The Answers and last year’s stunning single Moment Of Surrender both of whihc feature in our blog. Anyway, It’s fair to say, Nick Mulvey is a consistent gem maker.

His latest track is called Begin Again:

Nick Mulvey – Back Again

Local Natives / Dark Days (Ft. Sylvan Esso)

Local Natives‘ 2011 single ‘Wide Eyes’ was the first song I added to my horrifically sub-standard MP3 player back in the day. It was a boat-shaped red device that stored up to 35 songs. I had to choose wisely and Local Natives made the cut. They have been making tunes ever since. Today, they released a new version of their popular track Dark Days. It features vocals from Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso) which makes it a pretty cool collaboration.

At the start of my blog way back in 2016, Local Natives did make an appearance with a great short tune called Jellyfish, which I highly recommend if you are not too familiar with their stuff!

I also managed to catch a Sylvan Esso gig in Spain, it was epic. I’d recommend anyone who likes her stuff to watch her spellbinding performances in their concert film titled WITH – it’s marvelous.

Local Natives – Dark Days (Ft. Sylvan Esso)

Hutch / Round The Houses

This is a brilliant track from Derry based musician Connor Hutcheon (Hutch). Round The Houses is a catchy and well executed single from this hard-working and talented chap. He has been performing his music around the country since 2009 and I’m delighted to have come across his stuff now. It’s been a while since I featured an Irish act on the site – this tune is well worth it. I have listened to this one a fair few times since seeing it in my inbox. Great work.

His Debut album – Romance and Melodrama is due to be released very soon.

Hutch – Round The Houses

Genevieve Stokes / Lonely and Bored

Eighteen year old Genevieve Stokes is one of the biggest up and coming musicians on the pop planet this year. Ever since hearing her short little Portland Nights‘ tune last summer, I knew she was on the road to stardom. Today she released another high class single called ‘Lonely and Bored‘. Her stock keeps rising with every passing release and it won’t be long before her name will be known to the masses.

A hugely talented songstress, I rarely am this impressed and excited for a musician that passes through the site’s inbox. Stokes is already beginning to gather the numbers she needs on Spotify to progress to the next level – good for her. 100k monthly’s now! She is getting a bit more commercially oriented recently too but that’s understandable. Her own style has been established already.

Genevieve Stokes – Lonely and Bored

Wise Blood / Loud Mouths

Blast From The Past: For some reason I was singing this tune out on a walk this morning. I can’t believe this song was released back in 2011. This was my favourite tune for like six months straight. I don’t think Wise Blood ever really got the attention his madly constructed tracks deserved. Back then, he was making these wild and wonderful experimental soundscapes. I think if he released the same music again right now, he would be huge!!

A hugely talented song-maker who never made conventional music – his style was bizarre and I fucking loved it.

The video is ridiculously cool too! Wayyyy ahead of it’s time.

Wise Blood – Loud Mouths

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