Liamosino Debuts with Atmospheric Single ‘Samhraí Imithe’

This is a totally beautiful new single to close out a productive and steady week. Although I stayed at home for its entirety, it feels like things are brightening up again. Birds are hatching and beginning to take to the sky for the first time, the moor hens are teaching their hatchlings to swim and the pheasant was spotted out in the back field. It’s the end of May and it’s important we enjoy these prosperous and exciting months.

The wildlife around my house is thriving, but chicks are not the only things hatching this weekend. Birmingham based Liam McKeown (Liamasino) has hatched out a superb debut single that has contributed to the bright warm evenings. The psych-rock band Brain Food frontman has gone solo and will be releasing an EP later on this summer. The opening single, Samhraí imithe, spawned on Friday. A welcome addition to my music playlists.

The song has a pretty Gaelic title which is something I can get behind. ‘Samhraí imithe’ is some sort of translation of the phrase, Summer’s Gone’, into the Irish language. The theme of the song is based on memories of summer seasons gone by. God, I need to find someone in London to speak Irish with when this virus blows away.

The song itself is wonderful. The bubbling guitar melodies and uplifting plod of the percussion open it up nicely. The vocals chime in and it’s at this point we can sit back, relax and enjoy this highly skilled folk tune. This is like Grizzly Bear in style. I love it. It’s uplifting, ambient and fit for a sunny day. A really pleasant debut and it has me looking forward to the EP.

FYI this track has been released via Setting Sun Records

Liam McKeown (Liamasino) – Samhraí imithe

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