The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #014

Over the last few days I’ve been busy, but looking back, I don’t actually know what I’ve actually achieved. I suppose it’s been a typically 2020 styled few days – filling the day up with lots of menial tasks just to pass the time. This lack of progress leads me straight back into another edition of the Lockdown Mixtape series – the series that’s kept me going throughout lockdown 2.0.

Welcome to episode fourteen! Hopefully there’s some gold in the submissions this week. By the way, I released a highly curated downtempo/electronica playlist too – Totally proud of it, you can check that here.

Lisa Wanloo / Hear

Lisa will think I’m a total freak here, this song was submitted to the blog three minutes ago (at the time of scribing this) and it’s already found it’s way into a feature. It has to be the quickest turnaround time between sub and feature in blogging history! Lisa Wanloo is a Swedish songwriter and trainee psychologist who makes reflective Indie Rock grooves. Hear doesn’t require a second or third listen for the listener to appreciate it’s quality. The instrumentation is first class and the methodical, almost plodding rhythm reminds me of The War on Drugs. Simplistic, mellow and effective – this is a lovely track to start off today.

Malady / London, I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down

I couldn’t possibly bypass the debut single from promising London based four piece, Malady. ‘London, I Love…‘ was released this afternoon and clearly has a really polished, clean sound. Catchy hooks, shimmering guitar melodies and a strong vocal performance make this tune a necessary listen. The lyrics are poignant, when I lived in the centre of London a few years ago, the city certainly had the power to bring me down. The constant traffic, the lack of neighbourhood spirit and loneliness that comes with inner city life is tough to stomach sometimes. I resonate with the overall theme although absolutely hated that phone call clip in the later stages of the video – I despise people arguing like clowns over the phone (I hear it on the tube lots), we’ve all been there though! Christ, what a noise.

Abi Farrell / I Will See You Through

Some throwback soul stuff here from Oxfordshire’s Abi Farrell, a vocalist with one of the most polished voices in the UK. Her new single I Will See You Through oozes old-school quality which makes her music very accessible for fans of the wonderful Motown era. This new one was co-written with Nick Corbin (New Street Aventure) and features lovely harmonies and a danceable rhythm structure. Farrell is a pure musician and her music has naturally vibrant feel to it. Soul wouldn’t normally be my bag in terms of style but overlooking this song would be sacrilege.

Abbie and The Roses / All This Time

Last week I put out a submission SOS call on facebook and asked a couple of Facebook groups for new music. I got hundreds of responses, the whole thing got way out of control – how and ever, I had to push through on my promise to feature my favourites. As I listened through the thread, I was stopped in my tracks by the wonderful vocals of Abbie Rose and her talented crew. All This Time is one of those ridiculously catchy pop/indie tunes that gets lodged in your head and won’t leave. 2020 was due to be a breakout year for the band but their development has been hampered by pandemic life and 2020’s non-existance. Bring on 2021! Check out this sweet, quirky and bouncy single – it kind of has an Ellie Goulding feel to it.

Onkel Emil / Always

We finish up today’s episode in Germany with the mellow, whimsical sounds of Onkel Emil. This Munich based artist operates in the indie dreamscape sphere and his sound is based around subtle electronic elements and hazy vocals. Always is his latest single and it chimes away nicely – this song is not going to set the world alight on the mainstage of a music festival but it certainly fits the bill for cinema. It’s a fine downtempo effort and a song perfect for background listening on a cold winter’s evening.

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