Creativity in London: An Introduction To FAKE TURINS

I’ve been living in London for just over five years now and have seen lots and lots of creative things ranging from street art to bold architecture. I mean, this city is unrivalled as a place for creatives to flourish isn’t it? When it comes to music though, I haven’t quite seen anything like London collective Fake Turins and their intergalactic, trippy and exuberant sounds and visuals. Musically, this ever-expanding group of talented musicians have been releasing some of my favourite alt/indie songs and visually, their work with FAKE TV (their own broadcasting channel) has really entertained and intrigued over lockdown.

// Star Child //

The collective is fronted by the mercurial Dominic Rose and transmits a sound not too dissimilar to that of David Byrne. I found their music initially on the Glastonbury shortlist a couple of years ago and since then, I’ve have taken in a couple of lively gigs of theirs across the city. A band with a rotating cast of well over ten musicians – each live performance springs up different surprises. One gig, pre-virus, actually featured a bizarre looking contraption of an instrument that a band member created herself. These are London’s most creative souls squished into a band, could we expect anything less?

Moving on to the visuals – these unique entities came about in the early rumblings of lockdown last year. FAKE TV was born – combining original scores with one-of-a-kind video clips and distorts, these videos are joyous in their strangeness. I still can’t quite grasp many of the moving parts, a truly mind-boggling experience. Quality.

As a blogger in today’s musical society, a society where every second artist seems to be doing the same thing as the last – Fake Turins continue to do their own thing. Their eccentric blend of creativity certainly won’t be everyone’s bag that’s for sure but you’d be hard pushed to find anyone questioning the originality of their approach.

The band has just released a music video for their impressive single ‘Star Child‘ (above). Even though we are living through the most stagnant time for music at the minute, the band is still creating impressive things. It was a shame their gig supporting Miami Horror at the O2 Islington was postponed last year but with an extra twelve months of preparation before the rescheduled event, Turins are sure to treat the crowd to a spectacle in October. In the meantime, their sold out rescheduled gig in May at the prestigious 100 club is the place to see them before then.

Many of the musicians involved in Turins also perform in other bands and under other alias’s. Here are a few artists associated: DAAY / Simeon Rodgers / Rich Parents

When the day comes and music can return, make sure you give this band a try at some point.

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