Old Man Davey – The Wonderful Debut Single From Caoivín

Over the last few years I’ve had a small little obsession with Dublin’s musical brethren Ye Vagabonds and their rustic and gravelly vocal style. For me, legends like Ronnie Drew and Shane McGowan will be remembered eternally for their lifework – but in recent years, with the likes of the aformentioned Vagabonds supplying high end Irish Roots, Dublin’s music scene remains in a terrific place. Kevin Wade is yet another musician conjuring up music that wouldn’t be out of place extruding from a speaker system down in Smithfield or Stony Batter. His debut single, Old Man Davey, released under his new Caoivín moniker, is traditional fusion in its purest form.

I have to say, it’s is one heck of a debut offering – the flute flutters and with that, my mind switched into a weird mode only music can escort me. A reflective and peaceful state. Not content on its traditional focus, Wade incorporates modern synths and a lively bass line into the equation to give a proper fusion sound. My mother said this was the best song I’ve shown her all year. It would be unwise to argue with that so.

Having begun his musical journey aged five, an upbringing drenched in traditional Irish music, Wade has finally channeled all of his experience into his own solo venture. This single is the first example and if this is the benchmark of what’s to come, I’m going to spending a lot more time writing about this guy. If the music continues in this lofty vein, I’ll even consider forgiving the rogue usage of ‘v’ for Caoimhín. Maybe…

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