The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #24

This series has been running all through Lockdown and is aimed at promoting the very best songs written during this turbulent era. Today is episode twenty-four and captures three new instrumental tunes of varied styles. The blog will be ramping back up to pre-lockdown levels as soon as things get back to normal but for now, its the trusty lockdown mixtape that’ll keep you all up-to-date with the best new music from the blogosphere. On this occasion, the electronic end of the blogosphere.

Valante / Rissa

I came across this wonderful ambient production last week perched right at the start of a February mix curated by Solomun. As I embarked on walk number 367 of the year, it was Solomun’s latest selections that rang through on my headphones. Two songs in; this masterpiece caressed my ear through my flimsy EarPods. I had been walking on tarmac and concrete but when this song chimed in, I felt as though I was walking on air – floating through the park like a cloud. If mindfulness is what you’re looking to. achieve right now, this track will certainly do it’s best to help you along. That was philosophical wasn’t it?

Noumo / Carry The Light

Some more peaceful electronica here from emerging German producer Noumo. Carry The Light is not dissimilar to the previous track Rissa as both have a subtle and tranquil charm. The piano work has shades of Laurence Guy about it and the guitar samples ring true like the work of fellow German Felix Dreiser. This is, once again, a song fit to accompany you on a meandering walk around the block. It never once boils over into a major crescendo or anything, it just ripples along with a consistent sense of chill attached to it. Another great option for a relaxing electronic playlist.

Cale / PM.AM

If you are looking for a song to just ease you along on a walk, Cale‘s PM.AM is the right track for the job. This is a wonderful euphoric downtempo production that wouldn’t be out of place on that beach lounge playlist you’ve been holding off on compiling due to lockdown. I’ve listened to this one a good five or six times and it’s chilled me out each time. It takes sublime skill to assemble a tune that just manages to massage out the knots.

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