Palma Louca’s New Single ‘Us and Them’ is Feckin’ Brilliant

They describe their sounds as art-gaze indie. I just describe it as feckin’ brilliant. Palma Louca are a five-piece based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne who are guided by the Pillar Artists label who have been representing some great bands of late. I couldn’t even begin to work out what ‘art-gaze’ means, this genre is above my pay grade but I will confidently stand by the fact that ‘Us and Them‘ packs a little more punch than an ambient shoe-gazing track. These guys, consisting of a pair of brothers and three friends, are making something pretty cool up there.

The piano work in this one reminds me of that famous theme track of the 28 days later movie (we all know the one, the John Murphy one). I live nearby the place where that mad iconic zombie farmhouse chase scene was filmed and sometimes stick on Murphy’s song as I amble by. I’ll give this track from Louca a spin next time I pass and see if it has the same dramatic feel. Ramble aside, I’m expecting big things from this talented band from the Toon. The early signs are there, the return of live music in the summer should catapult them into recognition, one would hope.

The Sound Sniffer strives to be a place for good music to live, Palma Louca are a worthy inclusion.

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