The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #26

Life has returned to a very busy form of itself in recent weeks, I apologise for the slightly later than billed, twenty-sixth, edition of The Lockdown Mixtape. Look, I don’t want to hear any nonsense about the lockdown being over and that the oul Sniffer better think of a new name for a chain of articles. The lockdown is still in place in my homeland of Ireland so it’s staying. I loved writing these articles over lockdown – music put a grand big smile on my face! I hope some of the songs I’ve shared have helped you guys/gals out too.

It’s a snappy draft: I’ve only got a few minutes to draft this one! Maybe skim the words and just enjoy the music lol!

M.Byrd / Morning Sun

No better way to start off than a little sweet sweet folk from emerging German talent M.Byrd. This twenty five year old has one hell of a career ahead of him. He’s recently started to fly solo under this moniker and the sound he is emitting is ‘play-that-again-for-god’s-sake’ worthy. Earlier in his musical journey he was the touring bassist for Ilgen-Nur, all the while in the background forging and scripting his own unique material. This is an endearing track – wonderful.

Ilonalowe / Once Again

I think 2021 is the year top quality folk became a mainstay on The Sound Sniffer. I might even have to change the website name to ‘The Folk Sniffer’ if this trend carries on. Once Again, the new record from South West London’s Ilonalowe is yet another smashing offering. Her smooth vocal, the whimsical chiming harmonies and seamlessly perfect lyricism make this a must-listen to all those who crave to hear good, honest music. Before lockdown we were organising little showcases – I drafted an email to myself of all the worthwhile artists we’d be inviting to perform. If things were back to early 2020, Ilonalowe would surely due on the receiving end of an invite. Hopefully we can get back to that soon. Anyways, I’ll be popping into the city to see her perform regardless!

Leyya / Am I Even Real?

We move to Austria for our next little dollop of musical gold. Leyya are a fairly successful band and have already amassed well over twenty million streams on Spotify (not too shabby a feat eh?). I actually saw them play a set at Eurosonic in Groningen a few years back – Myself and my best mate Django head to the North of Holland for that festival every year. Leyya were sensational and it was pretty neat to have their latest single find it’s way into this blog’s submissions inbox! My life is complete. Am I Even Real? has one of the smoothest lil bass lines doesn’t it? Swanky cocktail bar vibes.

MAGUIRE / Come Down

I’ve featured the music of MAGUIRE on the site before. Her 2018 debut single, Strangers, totally caught hold of me. Since, I’ve been expecting her stock to rise and rise but for whatever reason, her music hasn’t quite exploded like it should on the popularity scale. But come here for a second, her newest single, entitled Come Down is absolutely spellbinding. This woman should be getting national radio time, she should be headlining festivals, she should be doing a Tiny Desk Sessions and touring in a mini-bus. After Covid, this better be organised – somebody has to sign her up. The piano arpeggios here are to die for!

”Would you catch me when I’m old and washed up, and had enough?”

Vilde / Holograms

One of the coolest acts I’ve come across in the few years I’ve been blogging is Australian Lo-Fi, Indie Electronic sensation Vilde and his enchanting artistry. I remember back in 2018, when this blog was just getting going, finding this guy and thinking to myself, ‘This is what it’s all about you know’. Sniffer may not have the reach of, lets say, a 2009 BIRP or Indie Shuffle – but hopefully our musical choices are just as well curated. Interesting artists like Vilde tick all the right boxes in terms of originality and vibrancy. What’s not to like about Hologram? It’s quirky and sure as hell doesn’t sound like that mushy, large-scale slush you hear on Capital Radio all day. Open your mind for this one.

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