The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape #25

The feature continues even though the UK is pretty much lockdown free as I type. Around the globe the restrictions are a lot more stringent – therefore, The Lockdown Mixtape still has clout. The sun is beaming down in London and I’m starting to feel a little bit human again after the most mentally challenging period we’ve been through lately. Here’s to the future, here’s to live music returning and here’s to living again.

Disclaimer: Personal Reviews and often quite rambling!

Son Lux / Vacancy

If you have been following the blog recently you’ll have noticed a trend has been forming: that trend: a consistent supply of Son Lux being shared on the blog. This band came to my attention years ago when their brass heavy single, Easy, found its way onto my trusty iPod touch. That was my personal introduction to the US based band and since then, pretty much every release dials in the right buttons for me. Their latest single Vacancy featuring the accomplished vocals of Kiah Victoria doesn’t fail to impress. If you haven’t listened to Son Lux before, this is a great example to get you hooked.

Cereus Bright / One Stoplight Town

A few weeks ago, I had a pretty stressful week: my dad was in hospital getting a stent inserted into his heart and at the same time, I was working out the logistics of a book I’d ghostwritten during lockdown. Usually my life is tailored to avoid stress but this particular week, it was as tough as it can be. I signed into my SubmitHub on the Wednesday evening to release from reality for a few hours. I was greeted by this submission, everything shone bright again. It’s easy to underplay the value of music in society and for mental health – when a song grabs you, like One Stoplight Town did, words can’t quite explain the release it facilitates.

This is wonderfully constructed folk and a track that just soothes, plain and simple. I attribute certain songs to points of time in my life and this song will always be associated with that hectic week. (my dad is fit and healthy now)

Karaboudjan / Seems Like

Karaboudjan is the solo moniker of multi-instrumentalist Billy Kim, a well respected artist born in Inglewood, California. His latest single, titled Seems Like, is a summertime gem and it’s uptempo and vibrant shimmering guitar melodies suit the blue-skied weather facing me out the window here. I can only crave the feeling of hearing music like this played out live during festival season. It’s hard not to feel refreshed listening to this track, Kim has constructed a fairly infectious sound. This is music I’d imagine an ideal accompaniment for a road trip down Route 66 (not that I have first-hand experience doing it myself – one can dream)

Fun Fact: Kim performed keys, bass and guitar for mega popular musician Tycho on tour.

Sonnee / After

God I wish I had a real influence in the music world sometimes. Sadly, music blogs in 2021 are pretty much solely individual passion projects since Spotify pretty much cornered the music market at every possible angle imaginable. I found Manchester producer Sonnee last year and I’m telling you the truth when I state that: this guy has all the ingredients to break through to the big time. His sound has its own unique watermark, the production is always pure and it’s fair to say that the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet would be proud of the tracks he is releasing.

I’ve written a handful of features for Sonnee to date and am delighted to witness his growth on Spotify. If there is any justice left in the world, Sonnee will make a decent living from his wonderful constructions. A great talent and I am excited to hear that he has a debut EP on the way.

KALI / I Just Wanna

Finishing off this edition of The Lockdown Mixtape we have some LoFi Indie pop from a ridiculously talented 16-year old. KALI is an artist hailing from The States with a mature and ready sound. Her debut EP is set to be released on May 7th. I Just Wanna is a taster of what’s to come and, my word, it’s impressive. This is studio quality stuff that’s more than ready to receive global recognition. Well done to everyone who has crafted this sound with her – gold has been struck. Not bad for 16 eh?

It’s like a chirpy Future Islands, Santigold and Biig Piig hybrid of a sound.

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