Little Comets – The Sneeze


Rewind to Circa 2010 – Glastonbury’s introducing stage – you will find a young ripe Little Comets belting out ‘Joanna’ on the newly formed BBC Three repeat show. This is where I first came across these North Eastern U.K band in all their glory. Back then they were signed and swiftly left ‘Columbia Records’ due to the fact their originality was being altered and their sound not viable for the mainstream audiences. Music is a tricky enough game to make it in, these guys have stood the test and are still putting out some pretty interesting sounds. I had the privilege of seeing them in all their glory a couple of years ago in the O2 Academy in Oxford. ‘The Sneeze’ is the new one from them released this week and it’s worth a listen – feel good music. I love Little Comet’s style, very unique, with great harmonies and an infectious catchy lyric pattern. ‘The Sneeze’ is short, sweet and not to be overlooked. Check it out below!

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