Featured Newbies: Model Man


Our featured artists this week are brothers Mark & Brandon, a new upcoming duo hailing from somewhere in London U.K. These fellas have been dripping out new music slowly and intelligently for the past year – which has been picked up by a plethora of platforms thus far, including being played on BBC radio on multiple occasions. This is an act which, give another two/three months, will be snowballed into the electronic music household for Definite.

Our interest with Model Man starts with their blissful SoundCloud release ‘Down for the Third Time’ which surfaced little over a year ago, which shuffles through a nice sample and riff with a feel good natured and vibe. This is a tune that pricks our ears up as it is a fair bit more intellectual than most new artists I have searched through recently. This is not run of the mill soft electro by any means.

Following on, the lads released another tune and set of visuals for their summer 2018’s ‘Alone’, this was a more pop vocal inspired tune which is deep and emotive in it’s whimsical arpeggios and bass structure. We then were treated to the real game changer tune ‘Ketones’ which was picked up by Majestic Casual and gained serious traction. The tune is very good, it has the flair of early Gold Panda or Earlham mystics in it’s trippy Sound. This is the tune the radio stations frothed over, rightly so.

It’s nice to see good producers getting some airplay and I can predict big things and collaborations from them. Hopefully they maintain their glitchy style in the future as they gather more and more airplay. I personally reckon they should hook up with Hertfordshire’s ‘Maribou State’ for a collab – I’d listen to that, for sure. Last week they released another hot piece called ‘Without You’ – which was grabbed by Spotify swiftly and escorted kindly to many of their special curated playlists. These guys have a great chance you know.

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