Proper Micro NV – Dot Dot Dot


More Irish music here from Rory Hall AKA Proper Micro NV (Strange name that). Hall hails from Limerick and is affiliated to Strange Brew Records. ‘Dot Dot Dot’ is a down-tempo tune that I really have a soft spot for as it reminds me of Scottish producer Koreless for some reason. Now I’m going to write why I like this tune in a non-standard way….

I remember I was in Galway about 5 years ago and Zane Lowe from BBC radio was playing the main room in a club called Electric, he played pure garb that wouldn’t have gone amiss at a teenage disco, I wandered off into the other room (a tiny little closet with speakers and a DJ) – Koreless was playing and my word I was in my element. At the time Koreless was playing down-tempo bass heavy tunes and on those speakers, it was an experience and a half. Since that day, I have completely loved that style of down-tempo electronic experimental stuff.

This tune from ‘Proper Micro NV’ has lovely slow methodical elements and opens very much like ‘Recondite- Tie in (Acid Test)’ and continues in a shoe gaze manner with nice little vocals and all that jazz thrown in. Nice mellow mellow Monday music. 🎶

He plays the All in Festival, Limerick March 29-30th.

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