Sim Simma Soundsystem – Man Like Me

Well, this is actually whopper! I would never be too fond of grime sorts of tracks usually, but this one is far above bareable – it’s quite charming truth be told. Sim Simma Soundsystem are an Irish collective who I have been aware of for a while because of their diverse ‘Sim Simma’ parties in Dublin over the last few years. They have decided to pool together yet again and release a few tunes through their own platform it seems. This kind of stuff is what the Irish music scene is looking for, diverse and creative global sounds!

I just stumbled upon ‘Man Like Me’ by pure fluke and my god, what a sneaky little piece of music. It’s nearly ragga and grimy yet soft and vibrant! Plenty of new age London lingo (mandem, wagwan, merc me) banded around throughout but that doesn’t take from the fact that this is a quite lovely production from the team. I love the fact that the tune isn’t trying too hard to be something too in your face and false, it’s friendly and bouncy, soft dancehall. I’m a fan.

Listen to ‘Man Like Me’ with Denise Chaila on the vocals. Catchy tune – much better than most!

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