Bibio – Old Graffiti


As soon as I heard the opening guitar melody here, I instantly thought Bombino’s vocals were going to announce themselves – they didn’t! This guitar funk number isn’t the Saharan guitar master at work, it’s Englishman Stephen Wilkinson AKA Bibio at the helm here. If ever there was a summer sounding song – I would certainly crack open a can in the garden to this bouncy little uplifting piece.

Warp Records is where he is releasing his stuff these days and I’ve been a fan ever since ‘Lovers’ Carvings’ chirped it’s way into my playlists back in 2009. He operates in the folktronica section of music, combining guitar plucking with exuberant experimental electronic elements – a funky mix! Wilkinson’s CV is very impressive and I’m very fond of his new work indeed. Get the bag of cans out!!

Take a listen to this uplifting new release from Bibio below. (Serious shades of Bombino – Tar Hani off it!)

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