Lakker – A Whisper In Your Ear

Completely Lekker Lekker here from Berlin-based Dubliners Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith (Lakker). What type of sorcery is this? ‘A Whisper In Your Ear’ is the end product, in my opinion, of their decade of working together on their own genre the aptly named – Techno not Techno. Not all will be into this one I’d imagine as it is too hard hitting some some, I certainly am completely enthralled by it, this fusion between ‘not Techno’, strings and that eerie lead ghostly effect is pure class.

Not many songs carry a uniquely unplacable sound and I’m delighted I stumbled across these Dublin lads’ work. I read on another site that Aphex Twin became a huge fan of these two, churning out their tunes at music festivals, no surprise there! I imagine ‘A Whisper In Your Ears’ will be heavily rotated this summer as it will surely blow the speakers out of the gaff.

I see these boys are playing in France @ Astropolis 25 in Brest alongside the magnificent Apparat. Nice!

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