Ishmael Ensemble – Lapwing

Rarely you come across an instrumental piece that delievers a punch as big as this one does from Bristol’s Ishmael Ensemble! I stumbled accross this beauty a couple of days ago and have been keeping it to myself until now. As soon as I heard the initial kicks I was into this, by the time the brooding bass came in, the song was saved in my playlists! Smooth as silk here!

I have been well into this stuff of late with various write ups on simular bands recently. It was GoGo Penguin that got me curious, The Comet is Coming who broadened the sound and Mildlife who hit home my love for this new jazzy electronica wave! This Ishmael band have hit the same chord and I love their new album ‘A State of Flow’. The talent it takes to compose and perform music like this immense – this crew are the business.

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