Shells – Heart Beating

Here is a tune which not only sounds well – it has a great back story to it aswell! UK singer/songwriter Shells wrote this brilliant new release in South Africa during the Thanda Songwriting Sessions in association with Star for Life – a Swedish non-profit that encourages children to value education and pick up necessary life skills along the way.

Fairplay to Shells for participating in this great cause. I’m sure her accomplished writing skills were a huge hit with the young ones and put some beaming smiles on faces. Music is such a powerful and crucial facet of our existence – schemes like this are truely worthwhile.

This the first piece of music released from this talented act since 2016 and it’s a good one! Her voice is smooth – the production is on point – it’s catchy as anything! I really like the percussion in this one especially.

Take a look at the video release for heart beating – an inspiring video shot by Ken Wennerholm. Smiles Galore!

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