BRAND NEW: Blood Root – Conversations

Once I heard this, I just had to throw it up here. It is very rarely that you stumble across an act who is just starting out that sounds so accomplished. Conversations, remarkably is the first single to be released by Nashville based Blood Root and I’m instantly in love.

It all starts slowly with a simple beat, some shakers and then is brought together beautifully with subtle meloncholic electric guitar plucking. That was the point where I was sold. Throw in a voice hitting notes seamlessly like Irish songstress AE MAK and we’ve got a winning formula. This is one hell of a first foray – already on the crave for more.

I have a suspicion that this song will catch hold. There is so much amazing music out there just waiting to be discovered. Generally we only get what is pushed torwards us on spotify curated playlists and promoted pushed material etc – if you look hard enough, brilliant stuff like this one from the impressive Blood Root is waiting to be unearthed. Enjoy.

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