Porch Kat – The Last Piece of My Mind

A stylish four piece from Indiana – Porch Kat are a smooth fusion rock band playing very well-rounded and uplifting jingles. These guys are gathering ground day-by-day over in the states and I’m liking their sounds.

The Last Piece of My Mind is a little gem of a thing really that begins with a nice bassline, non-instrusive guitar flickers and a pretty neat and tidy drum pattern. The vocals then grace themselves with an appearance and I’m reminded of an early, yet much softer, version of Arctic Monkey‘s or Milburn. The verses in the song are the real selling point- what a fantastic singing flow from the frontman!

In an era which seems dominated with ambient rock etc (which doesn’t ticke my fancy at all), it’s nice to find a band constructing a more creative and chirpy brand. These lads have got something about them.

Check out The Last Piece of My Mind below and be sure to keep tabs on this new upcoming band.


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