Our Fathers – FT

C911B1D6-C806-4C3D-B265-ACB7802297C2.jpegOur Fathers are a talented five piece band based in Chicago who record, produce and engineer all of our there own stuff – A real DIY act indeed. The band have been around for a couple of years now and have been sporadically releasing their stuff across the platforms, but like many budding and aspiring bands, it’s hard to get the listeners up, especially on Spotify. I found these by pure chance and it was their new single ‘Space Song (released 10th May) that got me curious – The infectious and pure vocals were too good to ignore.

On a further exploration I came across some other charming tracks, the opening track Lulu from their 2018 full length album Good is Good is one of tremendous quality. The almost house (Axel Boman) derived piano chords paired with the electronic drums open it up – the bass and keyboard melodies that come in afterwards are as crisp as anything. It is a stellar track the whole way through. Of course, the vocals are most definitely nice too. Although the new releases are great in their own right, I was especially intrigued by one song in particular from their 2016 self-titled album, which gets the nod. The tune in question is the bouncy FT.

I love a good rolling tune and FT is my kind of uplifting rhythm alright. The pace never falters and that bass line is pure – The songwriting here is on point. The vocals here remind me of the chirpy Sylvan Esso a little which is always a good thing. There are no big crescendos, drop offs or over complicated parts – the tune is consistent all the way through which makes it a really nice arrangement!

If you happen to be reading this and you are in Chicago you can check these guys out at the DZ Fest a DIY Festival in Hickory Hills run by DZ Records. Also, new music is on the way so be sure to watch this space. Every band needs a great voice, this band has it.


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