FIRST LISTEN : Kurus – What It Seems

These days there are endless buckets of releases being posted around, especially on sites like SubmitHub etc. It gets very hard to decide which songs get the nod especially in summer season, where everyone fights to be THAT summer hit. The quality is always very high in recent times and thousands of tracks pass by that are probably radio ready in their respected genres. Last week UK producer Kurus sent over a demo of his new release What it Seems and I instantly fell for it. This little belter is barely over two minutes in length but I was craving more as soon as it ended. Absolute throwback RnB production here with the fairly brilliant Aduna on the words.

Hailing from Surry, Kurus is a curiously ambient producer who is making luscious LoFi styled beats that just ooze class. He has amassed a steady following over on SoundCloud over the years so his work is being supported to a reasonable level. I would suspect quite a lot of aspiring singers will be knocking at the door to have him on the production end of things for them. I have been following a pack of young artists from West London for the last few years. They formed at collective named NINE8 which was comprised of young producers and vocalists. Through this collective model beat-makers such as Sukha and Mac Wetha has made their mark. If Kurus gets into something similar in London, he will fly. The talent is there.

What it Seems just screams early 00’s soul and RnB. It is short and sweet but ultimately very memorable. If you are interested in his style of melancholy production, check out his SoundCloud profile linked below. There you will find his other works, including his impressively chill 2017 EP Untitled. Tops.

Released today on streaming platforms. Click the links below. 🙂

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