The Bergamot – L.A

The Bergamot are one of our favourite acts in 2019 thus far. We featured their previous single ‘One Mile’ last month – which was a real treat. They have just released another tasty track titled L.A. and we are all over it once again. This couple are the most amazing folk duo I have come across in recent months. I have fallen in love with the depth they bring to their songs. The deep kick, those whimsical guitar riffs and those beautiful harmonies combined are just sensational. It is absolutely no fluke that two of their latest singles have received notice from over forty of the globe’s most prestigious blogs. They have something special going on.

L.A. is yet another beautifully written piece from Jillian and Nathaniel. It opens with a lovely little acoustic melody – The quality harmonies quickly arrive with that brooding kick bringing an eerie atmosphere to the fold. The guitar work on this one is top shelf throughout. Subtle little strums here and there that just take hold. These two are at the top of their game. I have been following the pair closely on Instagram recently and they look to be living the dream over there in the States. It’s only right that they are getting the little bit of notice they deserve. Jillian’s deep harmonies are so on point in L.A.

Take a minute or two and listen to this one. If you like atmospheric folk in the style of The Paper Kites, you will love The Bergamot. The video is superb too. Peace and love.

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