Blood Wine or Honey – Tomorrow

James Banbury, Shane Aspegren and Joseph Van Hess make up this ultra groovy trio of seasoned multi-instrumentalists. This project is pretty stand alone in it’s sound. Tomorrow is a hugely impressive Jazz/Electro/Fusion piece that is rhythmically excellent. I can imagine raging around a dancefloor busting moves to this, the whole thing is just very fun.

This is creative music at it’s best in my opinion. This exciting track is an eclectic blend of different instruments and styles coming together with ritualistic vocals to back it up. The synth work and strong basslines give it a dancefloor quality, the sax brings the lucious jazzy feels and the choppy and experimental structure keeps the whole thing interesting. The manic nature of this may not be everyones cup of tea – I most certainly drink this brand of tea though. I get a really punk feel to parts of the track. The vocal work reminds me of early Klaxons and the wind section is in the mold of Fool’s Gold. This trio are undoubtedly talented, I am really curious about Blood Wine or Honey.

From what I have read, the trio are based in a musical warehouse den in Hong-Kong, churning out musical gems with the endearing smell of dried fish surrounding them. Their base camp is as curious as their individualistic sound. The band have already received hugh praise from the BBC with their previous single Anxious Party People being nominated at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Track of the year awards. Big time praise for a big time fusion band.

Another song to throw an ear at is the absolutely brillant The Forest Is Expecting You. I’m pretty sure I like every single aspect of that song, it’s not often I say that. I hope you like these as much as we do.

Released on Pussyfoot Records.

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