Peter Mol – Jesus Murphy

Peter Mol and his Lofi themed Jesus Murphy gets the nod as our track of the week here at Sniffer HQ. This Canadian singer/songwriter has hit the nail on the head with this chirpy and vibrant offering. He has been on the move in recent times but his studio in Edmonton is where Jesus Murphy was born. This a belter of a production.

The first time I came across this track initially I wasn’t a huge fan of the vocals for some reason. The production in the background pricked my ears up though. The lofi computer game style kicks and snares are a huge favourite of mine (ever since hearing Ross From Friends for the first time). It wasn’t only the beatwork that took hold, The perky guitar melodies stood out too.

I heard the track again a week later and I fell in love. This is a cracker – sometimes songs need a couple of plays to resonate completely. Jesus Murphy is perched nicely on my current playlist and I’m glad to have it there. If you like the musical musings of Peter Mol, he is also one half of popular indie duo Zerbin. Get on it.

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