Two Powerful French Releases This Week From ‘Inigo Montoya’ and ‘Drop Lone’.

This week sees the release of two absolutely powerful pieces of music coming out of France. Inigo Montoya have released their politically charged new single MDTG and duo Drop Lone have released their latest banging instrumental piece Take Me Down.

Inigo Montoya / MDTG

We are huge fans of Inigo Montoya here at The Sound Sniffer. We have featured their stuff before and we’ve been amazing by the quality of their latest single again. MDTG is wonderfully produced and the music video that accompanies the single is absolutely brilliant too. MDTG is a song about our failings in protecting the environment and the little animated man in the video aggressively depicts the band’s disgust at the government. This is a top song, these guys are a top band.

Don’t be surprised if you see Mon amour abandonnique in our top 50 songs of 2019 list.

I love Inigo Montoya! So intense again!

Drop Lone / Take Me Down

I never tend to share songs like this here but make an exception for this quality piece from new beat making duo Drop Lone. This beat is hopping.

Two friends were united through watching that telling and emotional Avicii documentary, they decided to embark on their own musical journey together as a result. Drop Lone was born and beats have started to rock out, Take Me Down is a really powerful piece. I am loving this one. Really intense and brooding sounds from these lads. They are going to be big hitters soon.

Loving the brass!

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