Chillwave | Niva – Sudden Changes

Stockholm’s Christian Niva has definitely turned a few heads in the decade he has been producing his melancholic blend of chillwave music. Today, he releases his third EP titled ‘Forever is over’. It is electro pop executed very well indeed. I heard of him in passing over the years with a couple of his remix’s... Continue Reading →

Ollie Chanin – At Home During The Day

Brooklyn’s Ollie Chanin with a very dapper piece of electronic soul and R&B here that has really left it’s mark on us here in London. I had never heard of this guy a couple of days ago but since discovering his unique blend of funky urban music I have been putting his stuff on repeat.... Continue Reading →

Daddy Nat – Nineteen

The sun has finally reached us here in London - has the summer now arrived? Heres hoping. To celebrate the sun we have dug out a perfect song to accompany the heat, a song ideal for blaring at the casual Saturday BBQ. Austin, Texas based music maker Daddy Nat has just released his debut offering... Continue Reading →

Joel Ansett – Cadillac

Have you ever come across a song that just instantly grabs a hold- Joel Ansett's new one Cadillac is a real clinger from the first moment I heard it. This is just too good not to hear. I had an Elderbrook obsession for a few weeks a couple of months ago and hearing the vocals... Continue Reading →

Macintushie – Need Sometime

In amongst the flutter of guitar plucks, echoed vocals and soft LoFi drum patters we somehow lose our tendency to overthink and stress - this is one hell of a calming song. The sense of chill was assembled pretty early on here and that was that. Pedro Baapz and Isabel Oliveira hail from the little... Continue Reading →

Hugo Cottu – For All I Know

Bedroom produced athmospheric chill here from the UK's new exciting twenty year old one man band Hugo Cottu. In an age where any man and his dog can hash up beats from the comfort of their own home using the incredible resources at our disposal - it makes it very difficult for us bloggers to... Continue Reading →

Astrolemo – Dreams in Reverse

After a long day slogging it out, I shifted through a few tunes to find a nice comedown song to release the tension. I came to a swift halt at this one straight away  - Astrolemo are ticking all the right chilled-out boxes with this crisp new release 'Dreams in Reverse From the opening's flickering... Continue Reading →

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