Sparrows – Do You Wanna Dance?

Gold from Sydney based Australian artist Jessica Nitties AKA ‘Sparrows‘ – uplifting stuff to say the least. This was my first tune I’ve found through The Hype Machine and I’m extremely glad I persevered on my search through the heaps of stuff on that platform.

Do you wanna Dance’ opens with an intriguing, brooding and assertive synth lead which catches the ear immediately. Nitties’s soothing voice raises the profile further and the high pitched chirpy chorus is as catchy as the flu. In my humble opinion, this weird stand-alone pop composition is infectious – with baffling horse noises etc in the background compounding the rather different sound she has. This is Sylvan Esso and AE Mak-esque, with a slight bit more madness.

Some very interesting electronic stuff here, it’s unusual and well worth an eye-opened listen.

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